LGA – COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Kansas City Area Gymnastics Community Re-Opening Plan – Rationale & Safety Protocols – June 2020 – Revised 05/28/20

Why is Gymnastics Important:

–There are more than 25 gymnastics facilities in the Kansas City Area

–We employ 500+ Kansas City residents

–We educate more than 10,000 kids each month

–We provide an important physical & emotional outlet for children where they learn more than just movement, they learn hard work, discipline, determination, perseverance, and resilience

– Some of our gymnasts have invested years in pursuing mastery of their gymnastic skills; an extended interruption in their practice and competition might reverse their progress

Gymnastics Should Be Open Because:

–We will limit facility capacity, maintaining a ratio of 50 people or less to follow all City/County orders

–Our gymnasts will remain in socially distant small groups and spread out among different apparatus

–We will increase time between classes to allow for proper cleaning/maintenance of equipment and areas in accordance with the CDC guidelines

–We will have attendance records available to keep track of everyone present in the facility at specific times

–Screening of all employees and students for illness before entering the building

–Strict social distancing protocol will be enforced

–PPE is worn by all staff as required by the State/City/County mandates

–Each individual Gets their own chalk tray

–No drinking fountain usage will be allowed – Everyone has their own water bottle

— Our safety rules will be posted on our websites and on the doors of our facilities

— We will monitor/limit bathroom usage (depending on size/number of stalls); post signage about social distancing and clean hands; and do frequent cleaning of bathrooms;

— All of our gymnasts and their parents/guardians will have been informed in advance by email of our safety rules and will have committed to follow them

— Gymnastics by nature involves highly disciplined and precise activity, meaning gymnasts inherently understand the importance of learning and following rules and procedures

— With these operating practices and safety protocols, there will be minimal risk of COVID transmission in our gymnastics facilities and certainly it will be no more than what exists with fitness centers and gyms 

For Parents/Gymnasts/Families

–Signage on our doors reminds: no sick persons allowed; social distancing required

–All Team Gymnasts will enter/exit through the designated back doors

–Wait in cars outside until coaches open the designated entrance door

–It is highly recommended that there is no parent viewing at this time.  If a parent must enter the building, please adhere to all social distancing guidelines & wear a mask.

–Bring your own water bottle, drinking fountains remain closed

–Cubbies will be assigned by coaches as to ensure proper distancing

–Practices will end 5 minutes early, allowing for the next class to enter without any extra congestion

–If your child or anyone in your family is sick (cough/fever/etc) do NOT send your child


–Coaches must wear face masks when interacting with others

–Coaches will practice and continue to promote social distancing guidelines.  Spotting will be done on an as needed basis only.  If spotting an athlete occurs, sanitizing before/after and the use of a face mask is required.

–No Foam Pit Usage

–All Resi Pits are covered or turned over 

–Extra staff on hand to sanitize bathrooms frequently

How Practice will work

–Coaches Sanitize each kids hands on the way in

–Athletes will pick up their own newly laundered cleaning/sanitizing towel

–Spread out amongst separate cubby areas (so they are not congregating)

–Separate station warm ups – sanitize anything used

–Spread out onto all events – mat/equipment sharing on as needed basis only.  Must sanitize before/after equipment usage

–Sanitize all mats/equipment after individual usage

–Wash Hands between each event

–Limited amount of students in the bathroom, as to maintain social distance and clean/sanitize more often

–Hand Sanitizer is provided upon exit

–Door is held by staff member to exit at the designated exit door

Other Considerations:

–Entry and exit doors provide enough traffic flow to allow 6ft for social distancing

–Not using equipment that can’t be sanitized

–Take temperatures on an as needed basis


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